viernes, marzo 30, 2007

I am finally back home and OK! (or KO?)

Mom took me to the vet early this morning. There was no traffic, so we made it there by 8:00 am. There he was, my vet, waiting for me. Mom left and after hugging and kissing me much, she promised to come pick me up soon. And she showed right away, ... well ... at 5 pm. To me, it seemed pretty soon for I spent the day literally knocked out! Vet told Mom that my surgery finished around 9:30 am, and that I stayed in the ICU (Intenside CUDDLE Unit?!) till 1 pm. It all went all right and I woke up in great shape. That's when Mom called to check on me. I waited for Mom in the after surgery area, close to my Vet. There she was! Big Smile! We got home after stopping at the drugstore and driving through heavy traffic. Mom said in the car that we would camp on the living room for a few days till I was fully recovered. I didn't know what she meant when she told me we would have a Japanese camping. Based on previous experience, the first thougt that came to my mind was of airplanes and airports again! But .. oh! this time I felt I was in no way ready for another trip. Well ... I soon found out what our very own Japanese camp started to looked like: Mom brought blankets, pillows, quilts, my bed, the teddy bears and Rita, the medicines (yikes!) and her cellphones and laptop. It became OUR SPACE! with big tv screen and our 2 gallon fish tank so we could also see my guppies: Max and l'Orange and their 4 1 week old babies. I liked our camp right away. Mom gave me the medicine, turned off the lights and I cuddled in her arms. Mom promised me that my tummy stitches would not hurt. zzzzzzz