domingo, octubre 28, 2007

Bambie, Caracas

Nombre: Bambie

Lugar: Caracas


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Name: Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Place: California, USA
Comment: Here's MEEEEE! Mom already took pictures. You can tell I take this Halloween thing really seriously. I think handing out candy is silly. I am trying to talk the old lady into giving out puppy biscuits instead. I mean think about it....! No worries about razor blades being stuffed inside. No trips to the dentist. Puppy biscuits ....YAYYYY! Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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Halloween Contest - Concurso de Noche de Brujas

Trick or Treat
Te invito a mi concurso de Noche de Brujas.
Enviame tu foto con tu disfraz de Halloween y la foto que reciba más comentarios será la mejor!!!
Trick or Treat:
I invite you to join me on Halloween.
Send me your picture in your Halloween costume. The pictures that gets most of the comments will be the best!!!