martes, agosto 07, 2007

Cena Privada de Cumpleaños - Private Birthday Dinner

Mary-Margaret wrote a Birthday song for me:
"Happy barkday tooo youuuuuu...happy Barkday tooo youuuuuu!! Happy Barkday, Dear friend Lucieeeeee.....May you get treats and pressies, toooo-ooooo!"
Love, Mary-Margaret

I'm here blowing my first birthday candle with my sister Bambie, she is a Miniature Pinscher.

Here, my sister is wishing me a very Happy Birthday! She had a new flower necklace made for this special occasion.

Mi Primer Cumpleaños - My First Birthday

Hoy es mi Primer Cumpleaños: 7 de agosto.
Ya he recibido dos regalos, pero no puedo abrirlos hasta mañana.
¿Habrán llegado mis vestidos nuevos?
Today it is my First Birthday: August 7.
I already received 2 presents from abroad, but I cannot open them but till tomorrow.
Did my new dresses arrive? I'll know that tomorrow.