martes, mayo 01, 2007

Soy la Jefa. ¿Alguna duda? - I am the Boss! Any doubts?

Hola. ¿Te dije que soy la jefa? Aquí estoy en mi silla ejecutiva. ¿Eso me convierte en Directora Ejecutiva? Me tomaron esta foto en medio de mi ocupado dia de trabajo. Ya lo se, me veo muy elegante y chic con el peinado especial que me hizo mamá. Bueno, ya me viste en mi lugar de trabajo. Ya no hay dudas sobre quien es la jefa. Adelante Yorkies!!!
Hi. Did I tell you that I am the Boss? Here I am on the Executive Chair. Does that make me a CEO?
I was taken this picture in the middle of a very busy business day. I know I look very classy and chic with the special hairdo from Mom. Well, now you see me at work. There is no doubt as to who is the boss.
Come on Yorkies! Go Yorkies!!!

De Compras / Shopping

Today I went to my private restaurant. There were my favorite Eukanuba and Iams kibbles waiting for me in my kennel. Then I fed the guppies in my 2 gal fish tank. I took some phone calls from friends. I went with Mom to a very important meeting at a very fancy shopping mall. There, we also went to Mom's face spa. I stayed on her lap all the time. So many light bulbs and brushes and powders! I thought I was in Hollywood. After a 1 hour treatment we went to the Swarowski window. Ahhhhhh that's superb! Bye for now,