sábado, abril 28, 2007

Mi Primer Peinado - My First Hairdo

Hola. Ya regresé del veterinario. Mis ojos parecen un poco achinados con este moño que parece una fuente. Pasé toda la mañana allá. Primero estaba escuchando a mamá y a Eleonora, mi veterinaria, hablando sobre mi pelo y planificando de aquí a 3 años. ¡Que esperanza! Finalmente acordaron que mi pelo crecerá más fuerte y Eleonora dijo que pueden dejarme la colita durante el día. Quizás pronto puedan hacerme una trenza! Luego, Eleonora y su equipo entraron en acción: baño, secadores, tijeras .. wow .. me sentí como uno de los lujosos Yorkies de Eleonora en un show canino, rodeada de glamour y cuidados de lujo. Esto es lo que llamo un equipo del programa Fashion Emergency. Espero que mamá aprenda a hacerme este peinado.
Hey! I'm back!!!!
My eyes look pulled up sort of a chinese look with these top fountain/sprinkle. I spent the whole morning there: First I was listening to Mom and Mrs Eleonora, my vet, talking about my hair and planning some 2 or 3 years ahead! Good grief! Finally they agreed that my hair is growing stronger, and Mrs Eleonora said I can have the top sort of knot only during the day. Maybe I can get to have a braid. Second, Mrs Eleonora and her team got into action: bath, dryers, scissorssss, wow I felt as one of Mrs Eleonora's fancy show Yorkies, surrounded by glamour and luxurious care. That's what I call a Fashion Emergency team. I hope Mom learns how to do my hair exactly as today.

jueves, abril 19, 2007

¡No más fotos! - No more pictures!

Hice todo lo posible para que no me tomara más fotos. Jalé la tira de la cámara pero nada, ella me tomó otra, y otra, y otra. ¿Podría mamá dejar de tomarme fotos algún día? ¿Puede ella entender mi privacidad? jaja ¡Creo que no!
I tried hard for her not to take pictures at me. I pulled her camera but noway, she took me another one .. again ...and again ... Could we ever stop Mom from taking pictures? Can't she understand our privacy! lol

Hide and Seek

This morning Mom was been running behind me for I stole her socks lol lol lol

I almost felt down in the run, but I made it to the couch and hid under it ... sort of behind it. .. until she found me and click!


martes, abril 17, 2007

My sister Bambie

This is my sister Bambie. She is a 4 years old Miniature Pinscher.
Bambie and I play a lot together with our many toys.
I would have liked to also meet my brother Waboo-Chi, but he departed on November 29, 2006.
We are very good sisters.

sábado, abril 14, 2007

Ted's CPR


Oh! Ted does not want to move! I had to try CPR.

Wake up!!!! Get up!!!

Hey Ted, come on. We better hurry up!!! Don't you see that we must go with Mom to the Helping Hands fundraising flea market?!

I signed up for the last shift.

Ok Ted, you stay home, I got to go. See you later.


The Perfect Nap

There's nothing better than an afternoon nap, but a nap with my friends: Jules (mouse) and Ted (bear).
I was covered by the new blankie that Mom got me.
Life's so cool.

jueves, abril 12, 2007

Auntie Cele

I had so much fun with Auntie Cele. When she came to visit us, I could show her my new steps. I went up and down couple times for her to see how cool it is.
She was surprised for I will not be bigger. At the same time she was happy for since I am so tiny, I would not hurt her back.
I showed her my toys and my flower collar and charms.
I like Auntie Cele!!!

miércoles, abril 11, 2007

I want to work with Mom!!!

I had it all planned. This morning I was playing close attention to all while Mom was picking up her purse and portfolio to go to work. As soon as Grandma opened the main door, and the elevator's door opened, I ran as fast as I could. I passed between Mom's shoes, shortened the distance to the door and passed next to Grandma, then I finally crossed the borderline (the main door)! All I thought was "I can do it, I can do it" There it was, the magic box that takes me down to the garage or up to our cozy home. It's door was open. I made a right turn and jumped into the elevator but that was it ... I felt Mom's hand around my body, lifting me upppppp!!!!! Would it be to celebrate my 1st place on the race? Did I win? Nope! Mom simply hugged me, brought me in again and told me "Nice try Lucie, but you are not allowed in my work" She kissed me much and promised me a nice walk out when she returns from work.

sábado, abril 07, 2007

Today: I am 8 months and independent

Dear friends,

I have big news to share:

* Today is my 8th month. We will celebrate with treats.

* My Vet said I am totally ok from my small surgery, no more medicines! He removed the stitch, so I am totally free to stretch, jump, climb and cuddle!!!
* I just mastered the 4 steps to Mom's bed! I have no fear. I go up and down when I want to.

Today I became independent! (Well, I think so)

Mom has small treat bags to give to all my fur friends I find on the way to the vet, the local pet store and the plaza where I will meet with my local yorkie friends.
I wish you all were here with me today, my big day!


jueves, abril 05, 2007

Cuddling with my Teddy Bear

First Class Life!


lunes, abril 02, 2007

Mom caught me!

It's 3 days since my surgery. I have been ok, except that I don't like the medicines, but who does?!?! I have been difficult with the food too, but who isn't???
You would not believe this, but Mom caught me while I was pulling the thread. Right at that same time when my teeth were pulling the stitch! Oh! what a look! and worst: what a scream! I froze instantly!
She took me to my Vet right away. He checked the stitches and sprayed a silver thing, so now I have a silver belly! WOW that's luxury!!!
My Vet said that I still cannot jump but in a few days I'll be 100% ok. Ready to Rock!!!