domingo, febrero 24, 2008

¡Ataque al Helado! - Ice Cream Attack!

Aquí estoy con mamá, esperando a que nos tomen una foto. Su helado estaba tan cerca que no pude resistir la tentación y traté de comerlo. Mi buena suerte duró pocos segundos, porque ella se dió cuenta y me lo quitó. Bueno .. ahora tenemos LA foto!
Hi! I'm here with Mom, waiting for the picture. Her ice cream was so close to me that I could not resist the temptation and I tried licking it. My good luck did not last much for she noticed it and took it away from me. Well... we now have THE picture!

4 comentarios:

Mary-Margaret O'Brien dijo...

You go, girl. Nobody is going to hand us chocolate. We have to take it while we can. Did you get my "Thank You" note for the chocolate bars? They smelled heavenly but I wasn't allowed to have any. Go figure. I think it's a conspiracy.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sugar Princess & Baby Sweet Pea dijo...

Good Going Lucy!!! A girl has to fight for her chocolate!! Never miss an opportunity. Mary Margaret is right Humans have formed a conspiracy to keep all the Chocolate for themselves.

Love Baby Sweet Pea

Lucie dijo...

Hi Mary-Margaret, Sugar Princess & Baby Sweet Pea,
Never miss a chance to get what you want. I did it!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien dijo...

Hi, Lucie. Got your note about my blog. Honest. It's still pink but FireFox browser (and maybe some others) turn it burgundy. If you use Explorer or AOL it's still pink.

Love ya...


Thanks again for the chocolate, even if I didn't get to eat it myself. Lord knows I tried.